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Visuals from first workshop in Siegen, 26.12.2017

NRW Mobile Solidarity Academy


NRW Mobile DA-DE aims for inquiring commons encounters in everyday life through collaboration with civil society actors, activists, prominent cultural figures and solidarity with dismissed academics as well scholars in exile. The diffusion of experiential knowledge, personal histories, diasporic encounters as well as daily confrontations will form the backbone of the socio-cultural capital created in pathways of generations. A by-product of these series will be edited versions of recorded sessions uploaded online for further dissemination and open archiving as well as an edited book. The active participation of unionized academics, journalists, civil society actors, young workers as well as dismissed colleagues in Turkey via online conferencing systems will also add to the inclusive and critical debates with interdisciplinary focus on comparative axes. 


Citizen Workshops


The workshops took place in different locations of NRW region; we have held a conclusive workshop on 2 November 2019 with your support. The focus of the workshop/forum discussions can be summarized under these two headings:

1. The Socio-Political Status of Turkish/Kurdish Diaspora in Germany after 2000s and Understanding Right Populisms through the lens of Turkish case in relation to German portrayals,

2. Quo Vadis Turkiye?: The Bilan of Autocratic Regime and its reflections in Germany 

Arbeitsgruppe/Workshop in Köln, 19.05.2018

With Support and Solidarity...


We are delighted to announce that 3 cumulative sessions took place in Siegen, Cologne and Duisburg respectively on 26 December 2017, 19 May 2018 and 10 November 2018. The outcome reports of all three workshops are available for consultation.  The continuing series of workshops will be coordinated by the collaborative efforts of Uni-Siegen researchers from the Academics for Peace Network, Kültür-Forum Köln, Tüday e.V. and Academy in Exile. 


02/11/2019 4th Workshop in Köln 

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